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Auto Body Repair

Water Base Eco Friendly Paint

We use the latest in technology, Eco Friendly Water Base Auto Paint. Save our earth , water supply and more!

Waterless Carwash

The Shine
Wash And Wax
Quick N Slick

Multi Clean

(Classic Auto Body NJ License #01723-A)

About Us

Classic Auto Body celebrates years of professional experience in the auto repair industry. We do not just take care of cars but also the people who ride them by providing quick and efficient services that will keep your vehicles in topnotch driving condition all the time. We also offer factory scheduled maintenance as well as repairs for autos, SUV, minivans, and even hybrids. Having been in the business for years, Classic Auto Body provides the best-in-class training and technicians. The best part about our services is that we value the environment that we live in. All our services are eco-friendly and are guaranteed to help conserve the planet.

Servicing thousands of vehicles every year, we commit to provide the driving public with high quality services that will ensure their safety while on the road. Ours is a North Jersey repair shop that's guaranteed to meet your every need.