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Auto Body Repair

Water Base Eco Friendly Paint

We use the latest in technology, Eco Friendly Water Base Auto Paint. Save our earth , water supply and more!

Waterless Carwash

The Shine
Wash And Wax
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Multi Clean

(Classic Auto Body NJ License #01723-A)

New Jersey Auto Body Repair Services

Classic Auto Body offers a wide range of professional and eco-friendly services for your vehicles. With our professional experience and topnotch facilities, we guarantee to provide you quality car solutions.

Auto Body Repair

After 16 years of doing business, we at Classic Auto Body have become experts at everything in the auto body repair process. From matching paint to air bag replacement, our primary goal is to provide every customer with the quality repair they expect. Our state of the art shop is fully equipped to repair all types of the latest cars, SUVs, and small trucks Eco-responsibly.

Waterless Carwash

Keep your cars dashing - without harming the planet! Classic Auto Body offers waterless carwash. We do not need water to keep your cars clean and sparkling! This simply means that we are giving our customers the wonderful opportunity to help save the environment. You'll be surprised at how we keep your cars neat and shiny - in minutes!

Eco-friendly Painting

Want a new look for your vehicles? A wide range of elements can cause noticeable aging to your cars - cracking, peeling, etc. Classic Auto Body offers you painting services that will restore, enhance, and protect your car's appearance. We offer you eco-friendly painting so owners don't only get brand new-looking cars that they can keep for years, they also help save the environment!


If your car is properly tuned, its emission system, computer system, and fuel system are working together efficiently. This results to peak combustion chamber efficiency. It saves you money and ensures that your car emits less pollutants. What can you get from a Classic Auto Body tune-up?

  • Tune-up verification
  • Replacement of spark plugs
  • Analysis of emission levels
  • Timing speed adjustment
  • Complete maintenance inspection

AC Service and Repair

A vehicle's air-conditioning is a complex system. Classic Auto Body will ensure that your ACs are working efficiently and constantly to provide you a comfortable ride - all the time!

Car Rental

Want a new car for the day? Classic Auto Body offers car rental services. We have a wide range of vehicle options so there's one that's sure to meet your requirements and budget. Our cars may be availed at affordable prices so they're bound to keep your pockets happy.

Factory Maintenance

To keep your vehicles long lasting and to ensure peak performance and trouble-free driving all the time, Classic Auto Body helps perform factory maintenance services based on your manufacturer's required schedule. Our technicians will inspect your car and recommend other services based on the inspection and industry standards.