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Auto Body Repair

Water Base Eco Friendly Paint

We use the latest in technology, Eco Friendly Water Base Auto Paint. Save our earth , water supply and more!

Waterless Carwash

The Shine
Wash And Wax
Quick N Slick

Multi Clean

(Classic Auto Body NJ License #01723-A)

Specialty Auto Body Services


Antique Restoration

Classic Auto Body offers antique restoration services. We make it a point to sit down with our customers to come up with clear understanding of how they want the project to roll out. We take into consideration the timetable, objectives, and the client's budget because we always perform antique restoration that best suits your needs. We take pride in having the highest level of craftsmanship at all times. Our team of professionals commit to handle every project with the highest level of care, responsibility, and creativity. More than just that, we guarantee to offer our clients the best of mechanical services, engine building, metal fabrication, woodworking, and body work - all these made possible through teamwork and a one-of-a-kind level of coordination, productivity, efficiency, and security.