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We use the latest in technology, Eco Friendly Water Base Auto Paint. Save our earth , water supply and more!

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Tire Shine 32 oz Trigger Spray


1 Product Cleans Both Your Wheels and Your Tires!

32oz_TIRESHINECROFTGATEUSA's Tire Shine is unlike any product on the market. TIRE SHINE has a sophisticated blend of emollients and gloss agents to leave your tires with a long lasting, satin smooth finish.

TIRE SHINE is formulated with the highest quality ingredients by a team of scientists dedicated to producing quality products with the lowest environmental impact.To help protect the environment, and your tires, TIRE SHINE does not contain any petroleum solvents. Petroleum solvents can adversely affect the structure of the tire and leave a brown rather than dense black finish.


Before beginning you will need a couple of clean micro fiber towels folded over once or twice.

Click Below To Watch A Demo Video of CROFTGATEUSA's Tire Shine
This video shows two ways to clean your tires prior to applying our Tire-Shine. The first is with our Multi-Clean, multi purpose cleaner. The second using the Tire-Shine itself!

  1. Adjust trigger spray nozzle to apply an even coating of TIRE SHINE
  2. Spray an even coating onto tire surface.
  3. Spray onto rims (wheel) and wipe rims removing brake dust and other debris.
  4. Fold dirty micro fiber towel to clean or cleaner side and wipe one time over rubber tire to leave a matte shine.
  5. Continue step #2 and #3 until all rims and tires are clean and shined.

If Tire Rubber or Rims (wheels) are excessively dirty we recommend using CROFTGATEUSA's Multiclean first to breakdown any dirt or grime.

Produce A Wet Shine or Matte Look

Adjust trigger spray nozzle to apply even coating of TIRE SHINE to tire surface. Do not wipe in. Tire shine will dry clear. Spray each tire evenly and that’s it!

Adjust trigger spray nozzle to apply an even coating of Tire Shine, then using a clean micro fiber towel, wipe around entire tire one time.